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Asian salad with soy ginger vinaigrette

  • Category : Food recipes
  • Date : 13-08-2020
  • By : Abhishek Tripathi

Ingredients: - 

1.The thin slice of cucumber 50 gm

2.Thinly shredded carrot 50gm

3.Fine masculine 100gm

4.Seaweed 5 gm

5.Blue diamond wasabi almond 50 gm

6.Ginger grated 5gm

7.Soy sauce 5 ml

8.Rice vinegar 5ml

9.Sesame oil 2ml

10.Honey 15 gm

11.Black pepper powder 2gm

12. Salad oil 2ml

13. salt 1pinch

14.Roasted sesame 2gm

15.Avocado slice 30 gm

16.Cherry tomato 20 gm

17. Fresh Thai red chilli fine julienne 1 gm

Method: - Take fine masculine, shredded carrot and seaweed in serving salad bowl, then prepare the dressing from 6 to 13 ingredients pour on the masculine salad. Decorated with slice cucumber, Cherry tomato, avocado slice, roasted sesame and almond coated with wasabi powder and fresh Thai red chilli fine julienne


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