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Things you need to check in an authentic spice brand

  • Category : Horeca Community
  • Date : 07-05-2020
  • By : Abhishek Tripathi

Things you need to check in an authentic spice brand! All of us use spices in our everyday lives, yet not many of us are very conscious about the health aspect of the spices that we're using. Sure, we all have some diet system that we follow and many of us are also quite picky and choosy when it comes to "what we eat", "when we eat" and "how much we eat" and that makes us choose healthy food choices including greens and vegetables in our diets.

But have you stopped and thought about the quality of the Chaat Masala that you're sprinkling on your salad? Have you thought about the health index of the chilli powder that you're using in your dishes? For most people, the answer is no. So much is said about the mainstream food choices but only a little is talked about the spices.

Spices are as important as other ingredients of food and if you really want to make healthy food choices, I believe you should start from picking the right brand of spices that promises high health index, great quality and authentic taste. Here's a brief blog on the things you need to check in an authentic spice brand. Read on and never make a poor spice choice again in your life because well - don't let the variety of spices in the market diminish the quality of your life!

#1 - Source of your spices!

It's not hard to find out the source of the spices that you are consuming when you buy it from a brand that speaks about it. Well, we're not talking about knowing the precise sources of spices but a vague idea of where your spices are sourced from. This is important because the health index of your spices depends on where the raw materials for such spices were procured from. A brand that promises you to source it's raw spices from the best places where such spices are naturally grown is a brand you should be looking at. At Zoff Foods, we source our spices from various parts of India to deliver the most authentic spices at best rates.

#2 - The management of the company

The backend management of your spice brand - from the employees of the company, to the quality of manufacturing plants installed at such companies is very important and is a sure shot indicator of a good spice brand. A brand that has its own in-house manufacturing plants and a quality assurance team at work is more likely to deliver best quality spices.

#3 - Look for adulteration

Adulteration on spices is not a new thing and people have found brick powder in chilli powder, lead in turmeric and so on in their spices which can be hazardous for their health. Your health is more important than the corporate profits and as a responsible person, you should make an informed decision while choosing your spices and consciously look for adulteration in your spices. That little extra effort is worth a lot in the long run!

#4 - How fresh are your spices?

We're all used to checking the freshness of the fruits and vegetables we buy. But have you stopped and looked for the freshness of your spices? Generally, spices are stored in retail stores for long periods of time - even months or years old stock! Result? The spices lose their true flavour and your dishes miss out on their best taste. Choose a brand which produces spices on an everyday basis and rolls them out for sale frequently without stacking old stock up for longer periods. If you're confused about where to look for fresh spices, spices at Zoff Foods could be your answer. Spices at Zoff Foods lets people taste the true charm of freshly made spices. Best part? We deliver it to your home! So, you get to use the freshest lot of spices that's delivered right in front of your doorstep!

These are the 4 things you should look for in your spice brand. And if you are confused about where to go, check out our spices at Zoff Foods and I'm sure you'll not be let down as you'll find out that we check all boxes of being a great spice brand. Take home the best spices or even better, let us home eliver it for you! Get in touch with us for queries. We'd be glad to assist.

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