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Why a master chef is master chef?

  • Category : Horeca Community
  • Date : 28-04-2020
  • By : Abhishek Tripathi

Why a master chef is master chef?

Just the word “Master Chef” must have formed a crystal clear picture of an individual wearing that white coat & a unique toque on his or her head making deliciously delicious food!  Also referred as a “Chef de cuisine” or an executive chef simply! 

Have you ever wondered why the main chef in the restaurant is only the “master chef?”  Is there a capacious difference or a wee fine line? Heck yes! There is a fine line where only a master chef is a master chef. 

Here are the 3 hidden secret qualities which make a chef – master chef

1. He is damn desirous!

A work done with a solid passion is hell superior! You can’t tell a musician how to play instrument, you can’t tell a painter how to paint also you can’t tell a writer how to write. Similarly it goes parallel when it comes to cook heavenly. The chef de cuisine is damn desirous!

Why is it so? Because he has embraced it more than anything else, he has practiced it the way higher that he made cooking his own skill. A skill with which he was like born! 

2. He is dipped in self-discipline!

This is something which is going to take time. The chef-world is not far from competitions. Which quality makes a master chef stand out of the crowd? Of course, to dip completely in the self-discipline sauce! To keep an eye on every finer detail!

His real journey starts when he eventually reaches the scale where the high-scale competitors already resided. He aligns himself with people in his field & turns himself into a chef of the chefs. He with his discipline develops his cooking skills & win the title of the master chef.

3. He is dearly dedicated!

What is dedication? It is the cherry on the cake! Simply, his inner self fires all the fuel which makes him awake every single morning with the zest towards his work. “Dedication leads to destiny” a formula any master chef would share by heart. 

Dedication is about how he was cooking to how he cooks! Repeatedly keeping an eye on the fine line of improvement & dedicating more & more every single morning. Faithfully working in his profession makes him the chef de cuisine.

4. His aspiration is enormous!

Have you ever thought about the big goal of a master chef? Or what more can be the goal than being a master chef, right? But here he differs & here he forms an extremely subtle streak! What is it?

The ultimate goal of a master chef is to learn every single day & defeat his yesterday recipe making it more crowning today. His aspiration is not only to learn but to teach the same. He aspires to teach & learn, & he becomes the one who aspire to become someone who is followed by others.

What makes him such a aspiring person? His humbleness & professional approach! This all makes a master chef a master chef. 

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