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Packaging for Spices is more important than you may think!

  • Category : Horeca Community
  • Date : 18-05-2020
  • By : Abhishek Tripathi

Packaging for Spices is more important than you may think!

What are some things you look for while shopping spices for your kitchen or even your restaurant? Great taste? Good aroma? Right colours? And the right texture perhaps? Most of us look for these factors while we buy our spices. But have you ever focused on the spice packaging? Did you know that spice packaging is actually more important than you may think?

Spice Packaging is probably one of the most underlooked factors before making a purchase. A good spice packaging helps preservation of spices for a long period of time, retaining its original taste, flavour and colours. If you've ever bought spices and felt that they've lost the original taste and flavour they had when you had bought them and wondered what the reason was - a poor spice packaging could be the reason.

Don't let poor spice packaging fool you again. Here are some things a good Spice Packaging have. Read on and never let bad packaging ruin the original taste, flavour and the charm of your spices again.

Top 4 things Good Spice Packaging have

#1 - Good Spice Packaging must combat storage issues

Unloading spices into different boxes at home every time you have run out of spices can be difficult. Besides, many a time - we buy spices because they were on a sale and wait for stocked up spices to be consumed, leaving this fresh packets in a corner. Don't you think it'd be great if you can buy spices and use them from the packet directly without having to unload them into tens of boxes? A good Spice Packaging will help in easy storage, enabling the plug-and-play rule - to start using the spice right from the package immediately.

#2 - Storage must be air-tight to avoid contamination from air and germs

If you've had enough experience in dealing with spices, I'm sure you've seen spices go awaste at least once. Spices-gone-bad is quite a common issue in kitchen but the good news is that it doesn't have to be. Air-tight packaging of Spices combats contamination of spices inside that may happen due to contact with air and germs. This way, your spices-won't-go-bad.

#3 - Packaging must aid in ease of usage like a zip lock system

A smart Zip-Lock system enables ease in regular usage without coming in the way of air-tightedness of the packaging. Besides, your kitchen slabs will never look dirty with the spilled spices left behind or their marks, after they're gone too. Zip-Lock system helps keep both your spices and your kitchen - clean and chic.

#4 - The Package material must be of superior quality to ensure locking in of your spices' authentic flavours and aroma!

The Package material used determines for how long your spices would remain in the same original state as they were at the time of purchase. Losing out on the authentic taste, aroma and flavours of spices is the last thing you'll need and a good Spice Packaging is one that ensures locking in of such aroma and flavours, assuring superior quality!

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