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Cooking food for someone else is the greatest happiness that you can give to someone.

  • Category : Horeca Community
  • Date : 21-07-2020
  • By : Abhishek Tripathi

He believes cooking food for someone else is the greatest happiness that you can give to someone. In return, if you get that little smile, you want to get up again the next day and cook again with the same spark. Cooking food for someone should always be treated passionately and not as a duty only.

When I started my career, I had only planned to grow with the best of the employers little had I known that I would get to spend about a decade of my career with the Leela Group of hotels.


After a huge stint with them I was fortunate enough to work with another chain of Hotels, The Melia Group in Doha, Qatar where I managed to get my hands on Arabic cuisine primarily and also Italian, Indian, Tex Mex, Spanish and Garde Manger which shaped me overall to a place where I am today.


I take pride as a highly-skilled professional in inspecting food items, planning and developing menus, handling food purchase specifications, recipes, presentation standards and pricing for all menu items. In addition, I have a demonstrated ability to train line cooks on cooking techniques and utilization of products and able to ensure that inventory is stocked with fresh ingredients.


My work experience for the last few years in the gulf countries has made me try my hands on some of the best cuisines worldwide. These chains in their own way have provided me with a lot of exposure to diverse cuisines and I have developed a strong palate. Being a creative person, I enjoy experimenting with new flavour’s and have a special talent for fusion cooking. Currently, I am associated with Wyndham Group of Hotels in Bahrain who are mainly known for their exotic culinary theme nights.


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  • 22 Jul 2020
  • 10:31 AM
Chef Sachin you are great
Anshul Bhatia
  • 22 Jul 2020
  • 10:57 AM
Inspirational story chef.