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Can HoReCa be Digitalized post COVID-19?

  • Category : Horeca Community
  • Date : 04-06-2020
  • By : Rana Sudhanshu

Can HoReCa be Digitalized post COVID-19?

HoReCa a term which has been in market for decades working in a very traditional manner, style and giving comfort to next level which we say as LUXURY. So the sweat behind providing this LUXURY are many factors and many departments who all work together as a team expertizing in their own skills. But what about the outside factors who help the team providing support to give the consumer / guest an extreme level of Comfort, Luxury, and best of the cuisine from the across the globe.

Yes, I am talking about the segment which is not very organized as on date and still working day and night providing services to the HoReCa’s, who are still not sure whether they would be able to serve their HoReCa’s every consecutive year or not because of competition getting stronger in the market.

Considering the current pandemic situation where they are not sure about the Tender that they had filled before the lockdown is going to help them or not and whether their payments will be cleared on time or not. So after having a chat with few of associates / distributors and also the hoteliers in the industry on this ; the point that came in the front foot was that there is lack of DIGITIZATION in the industry and proper SOP’s are lacking to streamline the supplies in the HoReCa be it from the Distributor or the Brand directly .

The most affected are the small players because they are not able to sustain the delay in the payments. Before we go ahead to discuss this further, would invite suggestions from the Industry tycoons to throw light on this so that we together can bring in a platform where there is mutual understanding between the supplier and the HoReCa in all aspects: WIN –WIN situation.

So the question to all considering the current COVID-19 pandemic situation:

1) Will the existing or the new supplier is willing to give credit considering the loss to everyone during this lockdown?

2) What would be your expectation as a individual from the BRAND or the Supplier?

3) What solution can we come up to overcome this and maintain the same standard but with a different approach?

Look forward for your valuable suggestions & views.

Rana Sudhanshu

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Rajni A
  • 4 Jun 2020
  • 07:27 PM
Well let's hope they move ahead and step into digital arena soon.