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10 things which will amaze you about cloud kitchens

  • Category : Horeca Community
  • Date : 25-04-2020
  • By : Abhishek Tripathi

Cloud kitchens are trend of the age, it is love of millennial's. Any tech savvy individual loves the idea of ordering his food from a cloud kitchen. It is best strategy for restaurant business runners to invest in. following are the amazing benefits about why should you consider running a cloud kitchen.

1. Low number of staff

The idea of cloud kitchen is to have a smaller number of employees in your restaurants. In your cloud kitchen you will need only a chef to cook and few janitors to maintain the kitchen as everything is based on delivery. Customer will order online and you simply have to deliver food to them.

2. Lower investment and higher profit margins

You don’t have to invest a large amount of money similar to regular restaurants and you can earn money with higher profit margins as your cost of maintenance and salary is low.

3. Low operation cost

As your service is based online you won’t have to spend much on operating your business as you don’t have serve the customers directly. Instead fill their wishes online through your cloud kitchen.

4. Multiple brands

You can have different brands for your kitchen for separate category of food within the same kitchen. You can serve the need of different consumers at the same time with any need of a new kitchen.

5. Faster growth

As this is online based business you will have variety of customer in no time rushing to order from your cloud kitchen. The growth through internet is exponential and you can experience this first hand for your cloud kitchen.

6. Easy branding

You can brand your kitchen online on different social media platforms in no time as your target audience reside there. Internet is great way to create awareness about your brand, to maximum number of people.

7. Competitive pricing

As you don’t have much of operation cost for running your cloud kitchen you can transfer that benefit to your customers and make them happy. Competitive pricing is major advantage of cloud kitchen which helps to expand the business.

8. Large consumer base

As you are not limited by the physical barrier of regular restaurant you can market your kitchen across the city wherever delivery is possible. The whole new world of consumers is waiting for you out there.

9. No guest facing staff required

These days it is hard to find staff which can cater the need of customers but your cloud kitchen doesn’t require any of those. Instead you can describe your services online for one single time and sit relax.

10. Freedom to explore menu

As the consumers order online, they can choose from wide variety of your menu and can create a custom order adding ingredients of their choice. You can update your menu as per your business model any time you want.

There are literally tons of benefits of operating a cloud kitchen over a regular restaurant. We tried to explore few of them here. Modern business is turning toward cloud kitchen so should you, to catch up with the competition and serve the need of modern and tech savvy consumers. Hurry up and start your cloud kitchen business today itself.

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